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In this section you will find more informations on Product Service Systems, details about the Nordic Council of Ministers project and some FAQ you might not know - yet

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 What are Product Service Systems?

Product Service Systems are defined as combinations of tangible products and intangible services designed for their joint capability of fulfilling specific needs. The three main categories of Product Service Systems are defined as:

  1. Product-oriented service models focus on the sale of products, but with additional services

  2. Use-oriented service models maintain a focus on the product, but not in the perspective of permanent transfer of ownership to the consumer

  3. For result-oriented service models the product is almost incidental; providers and clients reach agreement for functional result, which is achieved through some combination of services and products.


Some flavours of PSS do not entail “producer ownership” in the ordinary sense of the term, since the customer does acquire outright ownership of products in some cases.

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About the project

With the new vision for 2030, the Nordic Council of Ministers ambitions for the Nordic region are to be the most sustainable region in the world, which necessitates a boost in circular initiatives. The shift from a linear to a circular economy has proved to be a complex and time-consuming challenge, where cooperation and common solutions between stakeholders are necessary. Therefore, the transition to a circular and bio-based economy as well as an increase in sustainable, resource efficient and competitive production in the Nordic countries, will be put under scrutiny in the Nordic Council of Mininsters’ project on Product Service Systems (PSS). 

Norion has, in collaboration with Norsus, VTT, Environice, RISE, Vito & Iiiee, been commisioned to investigate the potentials and challenges that may arise when switching to business models, where products, material and service functions are seen as services, rather than sales objects that no longer concern the manufacturers upon sale. 

In the project, there will be a special focus on making sure that models for PSS in the Nordic region are able to achieve both economic success and environmental improvements. Therefore, stakeholder perspectives focusing on existing PSS in the Nordic region will be a crucial part of the project. Different models will be piloted in order to identifying test strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to PSS. 


Change doesn’t come without the right conditions, why the project further will address the potentials and barriers imbedded the national, Nordic and EU framework effecting the implementation of PSS. Evaluations of the pilot projects, recommendations to facilitate PSS in the Nordic region, as well as the consequences and potentials of PSS as a mean to increase the Nordic Region's circularity, will finally be included as part of report for the Nordic Council of Ministers.


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Kia Egebæk

Senior consulent & partner at Norion


Project Manager


Tlf: 0045 28 44 80 88

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