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Below you can access all publications developed throughout the
Product Service Systems (PSS) in the Nordics project

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Project summary brief

Are you curious about the project PSS in the Nordics? 

In the project brief, you can get an overview of the project process and what the different steps entail.

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Business models and product groups for Product Service Systems (PSS) in the Nordics

Are you curious about what kind of PSS models are present in the Nordics?


Below you can access the first report of the project PSS in the Nordics.  

The report provides a novel overview of the different types of PSS models and product groups used in the Nordic countries, as well as the methodology for the mapping, assessment, and delimitation of 37 PSS product groups relevant to PSS in the Nordics. 

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Incentives and barriers for Nordic PSS solutions

This report marks the culmination of the project's third phase, Product Service Systems in the Nordics, focusing on understanding the challenges and enablers surrounding PSS models in the Nordics.


Building a literature review of 140 academic articles, mapping and analysis of 275 PSS providers, 40+ interviews with Nordic PSS providers and policy agents, and separate national and joint Nordic workshops across the Nordic countries, this report offers empirical insights into existing barriers, the regulatory landscape affecting Nordic PSS models, and practical tools, templates and guidance relevant to PSS providers.

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Do you want to know more about the project?

Are you interested in learning more about the pilot project?

Want to learn more about what participating in the project has to offer?

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