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November 1 - the final deadline for Phase 2 pilot applications!


The Phase 2 pilot programme are now open for applications

The second pilot phase call under the project Product Service Systems in the Nordics has now been opened for companies interested in implementing PSS solutions or improving already existing PSS solutions. 

Product Service Systems (PSS) have significant potential for supporting circular and digital economy, improving societal sustainability and value creation. The Product-Service System represents a new way of relating to products.

By applying to the PSS pilot program, your company can face a greener future - both if your company is at the beginning of a transition to PSS models and circular economy or is already working within the spectrum of PSS. Get support from the Nordic PSS consortium to transform your business – today. 

PSS is based on the premise that companies can support sustainable development by offering a function of a product rather than the product itself. The concept considers the real needs of the consumer, who does not necessarily want or need to own a product but wants or needs to benefit from the use of the product. Value can thereby be offered to customers by providing the availability, use and functions of a product while ownership, maintenance and repair are in the hands of the business provider. 

By participating in the PSS pilot programme, your company will be able to conduct small-scale methodological tests to ensure that methods or ideas work in practice. An emphasis in the pilots is placed on the economic, environmental, social, and legal impacts of piloted PSS models. 

Whether your business already builds on PSS or you are considering the implementation of a PSS, applying for a pilot project can improve your business model and increase the environmental gains. 

Each company selected for pilots will be supported by consultancy assistance from the Nordic consortium in carrying out the project according to the project proposal. The consultancy support will be directly tailored to the company's specific needs and can be performed in English or the company's native language if preferred. The pilots can include, but are not limited to:

  • Presentation and evaluation of different PSS models, including pros and cons 

  • Market/customer/consumer surveys or focus groups 

  • Assessment of business model – environmental/economic

  • Setting up the pilot model, including technical aspects 

  • Developing a monitoring program and continuous collection of information to improve the business model.  

Click the bottom above to download the application form  for phase 2 pilots. The old version of the phase 2 application form will also be accepted.

Do you have questions about the pilot projects or the application?

Send us an email by clicking the icon or to our consultant Amalie at 


The phase 2 pilots have now been opened for applications

Applicants that have applied on November 1st will receive news on, whether they have been awarded the pilot project in mid-November 2023.  

Final deadline for applications: November 1st, 2023.  

Please fill in the general information about the business applying for the pilots.

Then upload the filled-out application form. Ensure all the details are correct and press the apply button! 

Apply to the Phase 2 - Implementation
Deadline: November 1st













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