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The objective of the project's second phase is to facilitate the operationalisation of product service systems and producer ownership in the Nordic countries, as well as familiarise private and public sectors with the most advantageous models in a Nordic context. This will be achieved by establishing and facilitating the set-up for pilots based on the results from the first phase of the project.  

A pilot study is a small-scale methodological test conducted to prepare for a primary study and is intended to ensure that methods or ideas would work in practice. Then pilots for PSS models will be tested and applied throughout the Nordic countries during 2023 and 2024. The pilots will be continuously monitored and evaluated. The results of the pilot will be translated into recommendations for enabling the use of models of PSS to be shared with Nordic stakeholders. 

Current and potential PSS providers are offered the opportunity to develop PSS models through pilots under the project “PSS in the Nordics” by The Nordic Council of Ministers. The pilot projects are provided to expand the knowledge of PSS in the Nordics, e.g. the impacts of PSS, challenges of implementation, and a novel and in-depth understanding of ‘PSS under development’. The pilots further support Nordic (potential) PSS providers, ensuring the conditions to flourish for relevant, innovative, and high-potential PSS models. 


The pilots are divided into two phases, with an application round for each phase. 


Phase 1 pilots- Business model development, is centered around PSS business models, and how these can be improved and implemented. Businesses will be supported in the development or iteration of their business model. The Phase 1 pilots can further include barrier investigation, assessment of environmental and socio-economic potentials, assessment of logistic and organisational set-up, and value chain management. Companies can receive consultancy assistance to a value of between DKK 25.000 & DKK 50.000. 

Companies participating in Phase 1 will improve their chances of further participation in Phase 2. 


Phase 2 pilots - Implementation, is centered around the implementation of PSS solutions. Thorough investigations of business model improvement and pre-development PSS business models will be implemented. For phase 2 pilots, environmental potentials must be clearly justified, and the business models entailing PSS solutions must be developed before the application. Companies can receive consultancy assistance to a value of between DKK 100.000 & DKK 300.000. 

Open for applications


The pilot projects of the PSS in the Nordics can entail a range of investigations, specialised to the piloting companies' needs. Some requirements for the pilot companies have been established, to ensure useful lessons learned for (aspiring) PSS companies in the Nordics. 


For a company to be considered for the pilot project, it is a prerequisite that the company; A) already offers a PSS model but wants to improve this – or B) has an active interest in incorporating PSS models into its business strategy. We also expect the companies to:

  • Have a clear vision and overall goal that includes PSS models in their company.

  • Be located in the Nordic countries

  • Be welcoming and willing to cooperate with the project's consultants.

  • Have at least one employee available as a contact person

  • Invest between 25 and 100 hours of work on the pilot project – according to the financial support granted.

Piloting (in general) aims to test feasibility on a small scale. In this case, an emphasis is placed on the economic, climate, environmental, social, and legal impacts of piloted PSS, generating information of value for other companies and as the basis for suggestions for policy measures. Therefore, the pilots should give a balanced coverage of such information.


A Nordic consultant will support and advise each company in carrying out the project according to the proposal and be available for online support to applicants throughout the project. The consultancy support will be directly tailored to the company's specific needs - for every participant. The support might entail, but not be limited to:

  • Detailed planning

  • Organisational baseline survey

  • Presentation of different PSS models, including pros and cons

  • Facilitation of innovative processes, formulation of PSS idea

  • Preparation of business model, for example, with Business Model Canvas

  • Analysis of barriers and incentives

  • Market/customer/consumer survey

  • Facilitation of value chain workshops

  • Assessment of business model – environmental, economic

  • Setting up the pilot model, including technical aspects and consumer surveys

  • Organisational analysis related to the new PSS – recommendations

  • Digital solutions – need assessment and survey

  • Internal and external communication

  • Setting up a monitoring program and continuous collection of experience and data.

Application call closed

If you have any doubts about, e.g., what kind of PSS model your business is or what kind of product group your product services are categorised under, detailed information on these topics can be found in the latest publication Business models and product groups for Product Service Systems (PSS) in the Nordics:

To get assistance on the pilot application, information on the project PSS in the Nordics or the like, please contact Norion consultant Amalie Børglum Ploug Olsen: at


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