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Last update before the summer holidays!

As the title reads this will be the last update on the Product Service System in the Nordics project before we take a small break during the summer holidays. This month all the PSS pilot projects project leaders came together to present the preliminary findings from each project, and further discuss similarities and differences between the findings from each pilot project. Examples of preliminary results and comparable findings includes but are not limited to:

·       Similarities in ownership of products and experienced strong emotional attachment can be found in the categories of tools, clothing and occasional products.

·       Agreement in the transportation and packaging categories that good and personal customers service is essential for business success.

·       High maintenance costs and challenges with quality control within the occasional and buildings categories.

·       Customers exhibit high satisfaction within the usage phase across all product categories.


More findings, similarities and differences will be uncovered further as the projects move along and everything will be disclosed off in the final report. For now, some of the pilot projects are nearing their end, tying up everything and preparing for presentation of the research to the designated pilot companies, while other pilot projects are still working to research and uncover more interesting findings withing the PSS sphere. Although things might slow down a little bit during the summer holidays, all projects will continue to move along as they already have!


Lastly, we here at Norion would like to thank all of you again for the continued support of our research into Product Service Systems and we will make sure to be back after a short break with new information on all the exiting PSS projects. Until then, we wish you all a lovely summer!

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