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Update on the PSS in the Nordics project!

It is time for another update on where the Product Service Systems in the Nordics project is at. The final report of the project is underway. It will provide an overview of all the research and assessments conducted during the PSS in the Nordic Countries, including but not limited to:

  • An assessment of the regulatory framework affecting Nordic PSS models,

  • An assessment of the Nordic product groups of relevance for PSS and the tendencies within the product groups regarding

o   Business model configurations,

o   Sustainability potential,

o   Specific barriers and enablers

o   Ability to disrupt the Nordic market regimes, etc.

  • Recommendations for Nordic policymakers on whether, how and when to support PSS solutions.

All the pilot projects currently being developed are progressing swiftly, with new interesting findings that will ultimately serve as key input for the final PSS report.


User journeys

This month, the PSS pilot projects have achieved a significant milestone. Customer user journeys have been meticulously composed based on qualitative interviews with selected informants from around the Nordic countries. These user journeys, tailored to the specific business model of the PSS pilot companies, provide profound insights into business model configurations and activities that can either bolster or hinder the success of PSS solutions. More importantly, they serve as a powerful tool to incorporate the customer perspective into the assessments being conducted for the final report, highlighting the barriers and advantages that customers encounter when engaging with PSS companies.



Aside from all the exciting work with the PSS pilot projects, a toolbox is currently being developed for all SMEs. The toolbox will contain tools, templates, and guidelines for implementing or further developing a PSS business model. Additionally, all information about the toolbox's content will be accessible in a report with guidelines on how and where to find the specific content. More information on this project will follow.


Thank you all for your continued interest in the Product Service Systems in the Nordics project. We are excited to share more about the research and results from the pilot projects. The next newsletter will be the last one before summer, and we assure you that it will be packed with more updates and insights. So, stay tuned and keep an eye on your inbox!

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