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PSS in the Nordics - fall update

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The fast pace continues for the project ‘Product Service Systems in the Nordics’, leading to two exciting news:

The final report, Business models and product groups for Product Service Systems (PSS) in the Nordics, is now published on the website. The report provides a novel overview of the different types of PSS models and product groups used in the Nordic countries, as well as the methodology for the mapping, assessment, and delimitation of 37 PSS product groups relevant for PSS in the Nordics. You can find all project publications at:

Nordic stakeholders are invited to an online joint Nordic workshop. Key stakeholders from all the Nordic countries will be gathered online to discuss barriers and drivers and relevant tools for PSS in the Nordics. Join us on November 11th at 09.00-12.00 CET by registering under the event, which can be found at:

The project's next steps will focus on assessing the environmental, social, and economic feasibility of PSS. Based on the assessment, findings of the Nordic legal and policy framework analysis, and the upcoming Nordic workshop, the consortium will compose recommendations for the Nordic policymakers. Further, you can look forward to the publication of a toolbox on the website, providing relevant tools, templates, and guides for a Nordic PSS provider – and other curious patrons.

Did you know that… Five fast facts from the newly published report

Providers of use-oriented PSS solutions expect that future EPR requirements will be easy to implement, and that they will have a head start compared to product

Although most of the interviewed PSS providers find that public procurement criteria can accommodate PSS and circular business models, very few find the market accessible.

PSS providers experience challenges competing with the product-sales models. More policy measures promoting PSS solutions are needed.

PSS providers targeting the B2C market experience challenges product ownership expectations among customers, especially for use-oriented PSS solutions.

PSS providers with close value chain collaborations, or cooperative setups, has greater options for product design innovation, enabling increased durability and prolong lifespan.

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