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PSS in the Nordics - spring update

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The Product Service Systems in the Nordics project are in swift progress, finalizing step 1-2 and initiating step three activities.

Up until know relevant PSS solutions has been identified across the Nordics through an extensive literature survey to assess the most relevant product groups and key concepts for PSS solutions in the Nordics. Based on the findings from the literature study, a wide Nordic search for PSS solutions was initiated, resulting in the identification of 267 PSS models of special interest. The initial findings were evaluated and verified in national workshops in four Nordic countries.

The Nordic Consortium have interviewed more than 30 companies located in Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark from multiple sectors and conducted national workshops with stakeholders across the value chain. The interviews and national workshops have provided an understanding of the current challenges and opportunities for Nordic PSS solutions. A large proportion of the interviewed PSS providers experience a positive demand for their solutions, although some market readiness challenges are seen sin some sectors, e.g. clothing and children’s products.

The next phase in the project will be centered around assessments of the environmental impact potential, socioeconomic impact potential and economy growth potential of existing PSS solutions in the Nordics. The regulation affecting existing PSS solutions in the Nordics will be put under loop, to ensure that policy makers in the Nordics have the needed information to create incentives for existing and potential PSS providers.

Did you know that… Five fast facts on Product Service System solutions in the Nordics

Most established PSS providers have received funding though public corporate programs

Most PSS providers estimate that they have a positive social impact though their business practices

Most providers consider partnerships with other business actors essential for their ability to provide PSS solutions

Only a few PSS providers use IoT solutions for stock tracking and product maintenance.

For most PSS provider, the biggest expenses are linked to the development of IT systems and building up an attractive stock of product for the customers.

The majority PSS providers have not documented their environmental impact.

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