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The joint Nordic workshop is just around the corner

The workshop Product Service Systems in the Nordics is now just around the corner, taking place this Friday, the 11th of November, from 09.00-12.00 CET. We look forward to seeing you when we gather key Nordicstakeholders to debate barriers and drivers for increased and improved product service systems in the Nordics. By attending, you will get insight into and validate barriers and enablers for PSS in the Nordics, meet and network with engaged and competent actors within the value chain, and influence the agenda and future focus on PSS in the Nordics. The workshop will be conducted online via Teams and Miro.

The workshop will consist of the following:

- Presentation of project findings

- Interactive discussion on barriers and solutions for PSS in the Nordics

- Interactive mind-mapping of relevant tools for PSS

- Prioritization of findings with recommendations to Nordic policymakers

- Presentation of the next step in the PSS project

If you have not already, please read the official invitation and register for the workshop at:

Did you know that… Five fast facts on Product Service System solutions in the Nordics

There are at least 5 international and 7 Nordic guides and tools for PSS available today.

Many PSS providers need guidance on the legislation relevant to PSS. None of the identified guides has this focus.

Nordic PSS providers have challenges finding investors and gaining access to bank loans for PSS-business development. This is often caused by a lack of understanding of what a PSS solution entails among bankers and financiers.

None of the PSS providers consulted has been able to find any standard IT solutions for logistics, stock overview, payment systems, etc., that can accommodate the complexity of a PSS solution.

Many PSS providers find collaborations and partnerships essential for knowledge sharing and funding, establishing well-functioning value chains, etc.

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