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Call for applications to the Phase 2 pilot projects is now open!

The Phase 2 pilot projects under Product Service Systems are now open for applications! For the Phase 2 pilots, the focus is the implementation of PSS solutions. Therefore, we are seeking companies that already have an idea or plan for a PSS solution to implement or companies that wish to improve their already existing PSS solution. Each company selected for pilots will be supported by one senior consultant of the consortium (supported by junior consultants) in carrying out the project according to the project proposal. The consultancy support will be directly tailored to the company’s specific needs and can be performed in the company's native language.

The support in the Phase 2 pilots might entail, but not be limited to:

  • Theoretical and practical guidance on efficient and successful implementation of PSS solutions;

  • Tools, guides, and templates relevant to their situation (including the environmental assessment tool);

  • Expert sparring on business development;

  • Data collection and data analysis based on LCA assumptions and methodology.

An emphasis in the pilots is placed on the economic, environmental, social, and legal impacts of piloted PSS models.

With the pilots, companies can receive consultancy assistance to a value of between 100.000 DKK – 300.000 DKK. The piloting companies will not be required to outlay any monetary compensation for the consultancy – only hours spent on the pilot projects are required.

The application process

The calls for Phase 2 pilots will be open in two rounds of evaluation of the applications. The first Phase 2 pilot call will be open between June 15th to September 1st, 2023. The second Phase 2 pilot call will be open in September-October 2023.

The Phase 2 pilots will run for 4-8 months and entail thorough investigations of business model improvements and implementation of new and improved PSS solutions in Nordic countries.

For a company to be considered for the pilot project, the company must:

  1. Already offers a PSS model but wants to improve this, or

  2. Has a concrete idea of incorporating PSS models into its business strategy.

You can submit your application today and until September 1st at the website or by following this link: If you need assistance with the pilot application, information on the project PSS in the Nordics or the like, please contact Norion consultant Amalie Børglum Ploug Olsen at:

If you have any doubts about, e.g., what kind of PSS model your business is or what kind of product group your product services are categorised under, detailed information on these topics can be found in the latest publication Business Models and product groups for Product Service Systems (PSS) in the Nordics:

Did you know that… Five fast facts on the project Product Service System in the Nordics

Seven pilot projects are now being realised in Phase 1 in the PSS in the Nordics projects

Six different product groups are covered in the Phase 1 pilots

Phase 1 pilot activities include B2B & B2G partnership- and customer mapping, interviews, surveys, action plan development, roadmaps, strategy development etc.

Approximately half of the applications for the Phase 1 pilot had a meeting for assistance with the application

All pilots are tailored to the piloting company’s needs, wants and visions

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